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Early Dog Lock Musket


This early style dog lock musket is not a regularly stocked item but is available to order.  On the occasion that I do have one in the shop this page will be clearly marked as in stock.

This is a live firing reproduction and has the same lock warranty and prep service as any of our other regularly stocked items.


SHIPPING = $50.00 (in the 48 states. all others please request pricing)

You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase and in compliance with your state and local laws.

For more information on policies and frequently asked questions please visit the MUSKETS page.

India flintlock musket and pistols are not proofed by the country of manufacture nor is there a U.S. standard for muzzle loaders to proof by.

We do offer a test firing service using a double black powder charge and a double ball load.  This is an additional service and you can read more about it on the Q & A page. $75.00