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Commercially made for trade to the Indians, these muskets were very simple in design with little effort or materials wasted on decoration.  However, there was one distinctive feature, the serpent side plate which was a powerful symbol to the Indians.

Gifts to the Indians that came directly from the King were of slightly better quality and more heavily decorated than those for the ordinary trade.  They were embellished with the royal cypher which separated the Imperial gifts from the colonial gifts.

Between 1755 & 1763 the Indian trade guns shipped from England to the Colonies numbered about 18,900.  Records suggest that Wilson's company supplied the majority.

Richard Wilson was a London gun maker who apprenticed under Thomas Green. Green was a gun maker for the Board of Ordnance and the view and proof master to Hudson Bay.  Wilson was cousin to Green's wife...not difficult to see how he got his start.  Later Richard Wilson's son, William would control the company.

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All of the locks of our muskets and pistols are removed and checked for good function.  The frizzens are case hardened to ensure a nice spark and the breech is drilled with a 3/32" vent hole.

As a value added service we will "break down" the lock, polish all mated moving parts and harden the tumbler and sear for improved lock performance and reliability.  This added service is $50.00

We warranty out locks for one year parts and labor.  All you need to do is get the lock to us.  Neglect of the lock (heavy rust) and amateur tinkering will void the warranty.  Our turn around time for repair is very fast so please be sure to take advantage our our professional service.  Be sure to contact us for instructions before sending it in.

India flintlock musket and pistols are not proofed by the country of manufacture nor is there a U.S. standard for muzzle loaders to proof by.

We do offer a test firing service using a double black powder charge and a double ball load.  This is an additional service and you can read more about it on the Q & A page. $75.00

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