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1854 Austrian Lorenz



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All of the locks of our muskets and pistols are removed and checked for good function.  The frizzens are case hardened to ensure a nice spark and the breech is drilled with a 3/32" vent hole.

As a value added service we will "break down" the lock, polish all mated moving parts and harden the tumbler and sear for improved lock performance and reliability.  This added service is $50.00

We warranty out locks for one year parts and labor.  All you need to do is get the lock to us.  Neglect of the lock (heavy rust) and amateur tinkering could void the warranty.  Our turn around time for repair is very fast so please be sure to take advantage our our professional service.  Be sure to contact us for instructions before sending it in.

India flintlock musket and pistols are not proofed by the country of manufacture nor is there a U.S. standard for muzzle loaders to proof by.

We do offer a test firing service using a double black powder charge and a double ball load.  This is an additional service and you can read more about it on the Q & A page.

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The 1854 Austrian Lorenz rifle was a little lighter and shorter than the Springfield and Enfield.  It had a rifled .54 caliber barrel but was also imported by the Federal Army with a .58 caliber bore to accommodate the standard issue ammunition.  Most often the metal parts of this percussion musket were without finish but some had blueing.  The locks of these muskets had a 3 digit number denoting the year of manufacture.  The 1854 would have been marked 854.

This musket was imported in large numbers by the Federal Army, about 225,000.  This was mainly to spoil the Confederate purchase but they did eventually issue about 100,00 in 1863 - 64.

The South received about 100,000 muskets and they were equipped with a quadrangle socket bayonet as the Federal muskets were.  About one third of the Army of Tennessee carried the 1854 Austrian Lorenz.


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We accept Visa and Master cards as well as checks and money orders for payment.


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