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Mailing:       Earl Kathan (do not include the word gunsmith)

                   PO Box 59

                   Acworth, NH 03601

Shipping by USPS:  Send to the postal address above

UPS or Fed-Ex:      Send to:  Earl Kathan (do not include the word gunsmith)

                                            154 Black North Rd.

                                            Acworth, NH 03601

Why not include the word gunsmith when shipping an item? 

It is required by the post office that when shipping a firearm there not be anything on the outside of the package eluding to the possibility of the contents being firearm related.  If a package says gunsmith or gun shop it might be a clue that the item inside is gun related.  If you leave these words off then it could be just a twinkie inside.

A pre-1899 reproduction "antique" is exempt as a firearm and can be shipped through the post office.  Other firearms, regardless of date of manufacture, can be shipped as long as the barrel is more than 18" in length.  If the barrel is less than 18" then there are a few other details that determine whether or not it can go by US mail.  If your item uses cartridge ammo that is still readily available here in the US then you need to send it by private carrier.  This will sometimes be the case with cowboy action era firearms.

If your item is post 1899 and has less than an 18" barrel it must be shipped by private carrier such as UPS or Fed-Ex.


We are a small home based shop as you can see in the Vermont Public Television Link on the home page.  We do not have a store front and only accept visitors by appointment.

If you have ever been to Acworth, NH then you were probably lost and most people who visit us fall into this category even though they had directions or GPS.  Don't even try to visit during spring's mud season or winter's snow season unless you have 4 wheel drive and are willing to get stuck.  We live on a one lane dirt road in the sticks and the ruts can look similar to a black hole that just sucks you in.

That said, if you still want to come, then please give us a call and we will work out a time to visit.

Due to the nature of an illness with cancer that has affected my throat, talking is becoming increasingly difficult so contacting me by email is the best way to discuss your project..  I check it a few times a day and usually answer all my emails in the evening and in the morning.

You can certainly call and leave a message and my wife Kathy will do her best to help you over the phone.  She usually calls people back in the evenings or on the weekend.  Please leave a message.  Hanging up without leaving the message is just down right irritating when I cannot answer the  phone anyway.  Thanks for your understanding and continued support.

Phone (603-835-9047

Email  gunsmith@flintlockrepair.com


VISITORS - Please see the information below for visiting our humble shop.