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Nothing used at this time but I do have a few "scratch and dents" that you might be interested in.  Each of these are new but have some ugliness to either work with or live with.  I will describe as best I can and even tell you things that you might not be able to see in the picture.

None of these three muskets have been vented.  None have had the frizzen hardened, Nor have the locks been examined.  They are being sold at a low low rate so that you can do the repair work yourself and have a great deal but I can be bought so if you want me to do any work on them it will be at the service rate of $50.00/hr.

These three muskets are being sold AS-IS with no returns. Please ask any questions before you buy! 603-835-9047 or shoot me an email.   ekkathan@myfairpoint.net


French Blunderbuss = $400.00

plus shipping

This would appear to be some shipping damage that was no doubt caused by the lock of another musket rubbing on this unprotected surface.  There is a stain/varnish finish to this piece so you would either have to strip it down and re-do or try to blend in the damaged area.


Same French Blunderbuss but I had to shut off the flash so you could see the inletting around the tail of the lock.  Not so good here.  The rest of the lock is okay.


Look closely In this photo and the next two photos.  See the repair?  We are looking at the top edge of the comb which apparently had a break.  The broken area was cut out and a new piece crafted in its place, then shaped withe the rest of the stock, stained and varnished.  They did a nice job and it was difficult to get the camera to reveal anything but it's there.




Nice dark brown wood on the right side....

LOTS of variation on the left.  This is a great example of how Teak wood can look so walnut like and then look so strange.

Everything about this blunderbuss is quite nice.  There's just too much blond wood to sell unseen from the blunderbuss page.

The inletting looks good and the lock works well.  This will be a nice shooter.

There is currently no stain or varnish on the stock so there is the possibility of darkening some of this blond wood if you wish