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1750 - 1770 Dutch Infantry Musket


A number of these muskets have survived the years.  They were originally the 1720 - 1745 pattern but were later rebuilt to a newer design.  The original barrels were shortened about 5 inches, brass bands were added, The upper band being the only one not friction fit, and the butt was thinned by about 3/4 of an inch.

If you compare this Dutch musket to the one on page 111 of George C. Neuman's, "Battle Weapons of the American Revolution", you will see it is the same pattern gun.  Oddly, you will also see that the three rear bands were put on the musket backwards at some point.  Certainly this can be remedied.  The changes to the pattern are evident by the earlier pin holes and changes to rammer pipe spaces which are still visible.

 The photos tell very well the visual condition of the musket.  In working the lock we noticed right away that the cock cannot be pulled back to the half or the full cock positions and there is very little tension on the frizzen spring.  I have not taken this gun apart to see what is causing the problem.  Possibly the owner would allow it to be disassembled for a serious buyer.

The owner is selling this nice original musket in AS-IS condition.  You must ask any questions you have prior to purchasing.  It is not returnable.